The role of women in the computing field is easily overlooked by many. Perhaps some may be familiar with big names that are pioneers of this field, such as Grace Hopper ard Ada Lovelace, but there are also many others from all over the world that work to advance the field in both big and smal...Read more

UCLM hosted this year’s important event of the College of Computer Studies, the 6th ICT Congress with the theme: Transforming Millennials for the Digital Innovation Economy, held at Oakridge Pavilion, A.S. Fortuna, Mandau...Read more

"With the right type of curiosity, you can be the pioneers of tomorrow." These were the remarks of encouragement breathed by Mr. Ryan Abella, one of the many esteemed speakers to ever grace this year's ICT Congress held at the Oakridge Pavilion last February 21, 2019. Tagging ...Read more

The UCLM Intramurals 2018, once again had their longest word competition, held at Old AVR, last August 28, 2018. The said contest was being participated by the selected students from different departments. The CCS Department ranked second in one of the recently concluded mind-boggling games ...Read more

The future, the risky, uncertain, intangible thing that every students face with fear and anxiety. Yet, this is the evidence of us being alive, that we have the freedom to choose and do what we love. On (date), the battle of the different departments started through the campaign. This event i...Read more

A wager of wits and wordplay, this year's Scrabble tournament at the University of Cebu - Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue Campus Intramurals declared the College of Computer Studies, Third Place in their duels against nearly a dozen departments. Team players Ivan Capangpangan and Al Hadji Amit of ...Read more

It's no secret that the UCLM College of Computer Studies has a lot to be proud of, like providing quality education and producing exceptional, world-ready graduates. Now, the college has one more thing to be proud of, as 3 of its students have been crowned as the c...Read more

The new academic school year has begun and it's been a while since the University had an annual orientation for freshmen students. New students, new curriculum, and new journey for them in this academic year 2018-2019. The University will most likely be the students' second home hence...Read more

The Mobile Legends craze in UCLM has reached a new peak as the College of Computer Studies launches a tournament for the popular mobile game during this year’s college days event. Mobile Legends is a mobile game in the Multiplayer On...Read more

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